The Flying Mojo Story

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At Flying Mojo, it is our mission to create high quality music products and experiences that enhance the spirits of our customers.  We are determined to have every part of the products we produce consistent with what we believe to be the absolute best.  We will always be striving to meet the needs of our customers and we will go out of our way to find unique solutions and innovations.  Quality and integrity are the base of our production, operation and overall service.

The Flying Mojo Story

The inception of Flying Mojo was back in 1993 by guitarist and producer, Robert Johnson, in Memphis Tennessee. Robert designed a guitar that would give him sound versatility in one guitar. Johnson eventually made several and gave them away as gifts to his celebrity colleagues – it was named the “Flying Mo-Jo Guitaro”. Celebrity friends loved the Guitaro and still use them around the world to this day.

Flying Mo-Jo Guitaro

Originated from the JimiLee Mojo Energy

Robert Johnson and MoHo were at Sundance Film Festival years ago and were having a conversation with a new friend. In their discussion, Robert learned that his new friend’s father had made music products for CBS when they acquired Fender® in January of 1965, this also included the manufacturing of guitar pickups. They organized a visit to the original plant were the products were made and that’s how Flying Mojo Pickups and Flying Mojo, LLC were created. Everything was researched – vintage material, winding machine, CBS tooling, blue-prints and techniques. Flying Mojo creates guitar pickups that replicate the authentic sounds of the 1960’s CBS-Fender® era.

Taking it a step in another direction, Robert was able to create a similar situation in acquiring a massive stockpile of vintage wire, bobbins, magnets, blueprints, screws, pickup covers and spacers, from friends in Kalamazoo Michigan who once worked at the original Gibson® Guitar Company located at 225 Parsons Street.

Through the vast experience of the founding members, Flying Mojo, LLC can deliver years of collective knowledge and real life experience into the music products it produces. This can only be accomplished by being a part of the actual history of Rock and Roll and using original vintage instruments as tools of the trade.

Due to Robert’s measureless knowledge, experience and relationships in the field of musical instruments and music, we at Flying Mo-Jo are able to harness the essence of Rock-n-Roll and deliver products that allow accurate manufacturing history and techniques to be relived.

Keep on playing… play on and on and on!!!!