Red House Boost by Flying Mojo (Rangemaster Treble Boost)®



Red House Boost (Rangemaster Treble Boost) options:

• RH-PCB — Red House Boost PCB $155
• RH-PNP —Red House Boost hand wired on a classic single sided etched circuit board $445

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Red House Boost by Flying Mojo (Rangemaster Treble Boost)

A classic PNP Germanium Boost made famous by Eric Clapton and Brian May. Flying Mojo added a toggle switch allows you to choose which frequencies are passed through the pedal and subsequently boosted. The middle position gives you the classic “treble boost”. The “Mids” position introduces mid frequencies to the boosted signal giving you a fuller sound. “Full” position gives you the full range of the guitars frequencies being boosted giving the player a huge sound slamming the front of your tube amplifier. An onboard voltage inverter is used to take the common negative ground power found in todays pedal power adapters and convert it to the positive ground power that drives the NOS transistors. A True Authentic 1960’s Tone.