Foxy Lady 1967®



Flying Mojo “FOXY LADY 1967” options:

• FL67 — CBS orange colored Forbon set $285
FL67-O — CBS original  black and grey Forbon (custom order with lead time) $275
FL67-OR — CBS original  black and grey Forbon Reverse Wound Middle set (custom order with lead time) $275
FL67-R— CBS orange colored Forbon Reverse Wound Middle set $285


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Flying Mojo proudly presents the “Foxy Lady” 1967 CBS exact replica Strat®-Style pickup set.

This 3 pickup Strat®-Style set was copied from a 1967 Sunburst Stratocaster®. The pickups were copied exact, measuring the Resonant Peak and the DC output of the 3 pickups. Knowledge of the vintage raw materials, prints, CBS tooling, winding machine and techniques were imparted from the original sub-contractor that made pickups for CBS when they purchased the Fender® Guitar Company in January 1965.

  • Available in Flying Mojo Orange colored Forbon or original plain Grey and Black
  • Pickup Output DC Resistance
    • Bridge Pickup 5.8k
    • Middle Pickup 5.8k
    • Neck Pickup 5.8k
  • Yellow and Black Vintage Cloth Hook-up wire
  • Original Alnico 5 Magnets
  • Pickups are wound with original orange 42 gauge plain enamel wire

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 2 in