Purplehaze™ SC/HB



Purple Haze SC/HB options:

• PHSCHB-PCB — Purple Haze SC/HB PCB $155
• PHSCHB-PNP —Purple Haze SC/HB hand wired on a classic single sided etched circuit board $445

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Larger Purple Haze SC/HB pedal utilizes a toggle switch to attenuate the guitar signal for higher output pickups like Humbuckings. The single coil setting provides no attenuation. This is a PNP Germanium Fuzz Pedal. Flying Mojo handpicked transistors from hundreds of samples for their specific gains and leakage that produce that classic British Fuzz Tone. An onboard voltage inverter is used to take the common negative ground power found in todays pedal power adapters and convert it to the positive ground power that drives the NOS transistors. This Fuzz Pedal is extremely responsive to volume and produces a wide range of colorful warm germanium tones. The basic design was copied exact from a 1969 Fuzz Face that was acquired from Eric Barrett, Jimi Hendrix’s Tour Manager by Brian Marr who sold it to Robb Lawrence Guitarist and author of the Les Paul Book. The original Fuzz Face is autographed by Al Hendrix. A 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard Guitar through a 1959 Fender Twin Amplifier was used to tweak this switch in a Studio setting.  Alan Aldridge inspired artwork. Handmade in USA.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 2 in