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Machine Gun (Texas-Tremodillo by Cesar’ Diaz) options:

• MG-PCB — Machine Gun PCB $155
• MG-PNP — Machine Gun hand wired on a classic single sided etched circuit board$445

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Machine Gun – (Texas-Tremodillo by Cesar’ Diaz)

This circuit is based on the unique tremolo design by Cesar Diaz. Quote from Robert Johnson of Flying Mo-Jo: “Cesar’ was a genius and a great friend. He was staying at my house in Memphis when he was working on the tremolo design around 1993. I was producing an album on the great Mark Pollack and Cold Blue Steel out of Dallas. I had come up with the title for Cold Blue Steel’s Album-CD, ‘Texas Tremodillo’, the band opted for another title so I gave Cesar’ the name to use for his Tremolo pedal. Cesar’ gave me Texas-Tremodillo prototype 004 hand painted. It was his best sounding one and we copied it exact.”

The Machine Gun is a transistor-based tremolo providing a very musical tremolo with a warm tone.  The Machine Gun is true bypass and features a ‘Speed’ footswitch that doubles the speed producing a blistering machine gun type effect. Hand made in the U.S.A.