Purple Haze™



Flying Mojo “Purple Haze” options:

• PH69 — CBS purple colored Forbon set (custom order with lead time) $285
• PH69-O — CBS original  black and grey Forbon $275
• PH69-OR — CBS original  black and grey Forbon Reverse Wound Middle set $275
• PH69-R— CBS purple colored Forbon Reverse Wound Middle set (custom order with lead time) $285


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Flying Mojo proudly presents the “Purple Haze” CBS exact replica Strat® style pickup set.

This 3 pickup Strat®-Style set was copied from a 1969 Black Fender Stratocaster serial number 240186 that Jimi Hendrix gifted to his friend Larry Lee in late September of 1969. The pickups were copied exact, measuring the Resonant Peak and the DC output of the 3 pickups. Knowledge of the vintage raw materials, prints, CBS tooling, winding machine and techniques were imparted from the original sub-contractor that made pickups for CBS when they purchased the Fender® Guitar Company in January 1965.

  • Available in Flying Mojo Purple colored Forbon or original plain Grey and Black
  • Pickup Output DC Resistance
    • Bridge Pickup 6.2k
    • Middle Pickup 5.3k
    • Neck Pickup 5.4k
  • Yellow and Purple PVC Hook-up wire
  • Original Alnico 5 Magnets
  • Pickups are wound with original dark purple 42 gauge plain enamel wire

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 2 in