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Watchtower Fuzz – (Based on the Roger Mayer ‘Octavia’)options:

• WT-PCB — Watchtower Fuzz PCB $155
• WT-PNP —Watchtower Fuzz hand wired on a classic single sided etched circuit board $445

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Watchtower Fuzz – (Based on the Roger Mayer ‘Octavia’)

The Watchtower is a NPN silicon fuzz with a transformer and switchable germanium diodes.  When both diodes are engaged, you get the classic Octave Fuzz tone made famous by Jimi Hendrix on the ‘Are You Experienced’ album.  When running a single diode, you get a blistering, complex fuzz tone.  As with all Flying Mo-Jo pedals, the Watchtower Fuzz is true bypass, which portrays the original 1960’s British tone and vibe with authentic workmanship. Hand made in the U.S.A.